From Counter-Top Terminals to Wireless Terminals; Mobile App Processing to eCommerce Processing, ePaymentSource has you covered, with the Value-Added Services you need to increase your revenue and productivity. 


Choose the Full-Service Point-of-Sale System YOU want; not one somebody pushes on you...

Ask us about Pay-at-the-Pump/C-Store, Multi-Lane, and Line Buster solutions!

Process Payments

Accept credit/debit, travel & entertainment, and fleet services cards; debit payments from checking accounts; receive payments through alternative payment service providers...

Marketing / Promotion

Market your business through a website; promote through social media, email, and text message marketing; create brand recognition through printed materials and gift & loyalty programs...

Finance and Capital

Get working capital through a Merchant Cash Advance, Small Business Loan, Alternate Loan Products, or A/R Financing; lease equipment; outsource your payroll; save on insurance...

Value-Added Services

ATM placement; Energy and Telecommunication services; Point-of-Sale Systems; Shopping Carts; Recurring Billings; Prepaid Products; get the services your business needs to go to the next level...

Partners and Affiliates

We are actively seeking partnerships with Independent Account Executives, Agent Bank Partners, Associations, and Businesses that market to B2B entities; add a silo to your revenue stream...

We assist small and medium businesses of all types receive the best value for their Merchant Services and related product and service needs. Any provider can "guarantee" that they will lower your rates...once in posession of your Merchant Statement it is a simple matter of undercutting whatever rate you are currently setup with. The fact is...no one provider can provide you with exclusive rates that are lower than what any other provider can give you. We all have the same basic costs that we must cover, which will generally be the "Interchange, Dues, Fees, and Assessments" related fees, and one way or another we must all cover compliance-related fees, such as Tax ID Validation and PCI Compliance. In other words, if one person promises you "lower rates", anyone can lower that rate for you, including your current provider.

With this being the case, saving you money is only one aspect of meeting your needs. We bring additional value to your overall Merchant Services package. We will match whatever your lowest Merchant Services offering is, and bring additional value, such as:

  • ⇒ Free Gift and Loyalty Card Processing
  • ⇒ Free Social Media Marketing
  • ⇒ Free Equipment Placement
  • ⇒ Free ECR or POS System Placement
  • ⇒ Free Gateway or Software
  • ⇒ Free PCI Compliance Validation
  • ⇒ Free Targeted Marketing Intelligence
  • ⇒ Free Website and Domain Registration

Ask about FREE MARKETING with Restaurant.com!




Retailers, ask about Businesses helping Businesses!



Retail and Restaurant Merchants are traditional "brick & mortar" locations, where your customers routinely visit your location to purchase goods and services. Provided the products you are selling are legal, approval is almost guaranteed, regardless of your personal finances, assuming that you "swipe" every transaction.

Mail/Telephone Order

Mail/Telephone Order (MOTO) merchants may have traditional "brick and mortar" locations, may work out of offices, or may work out of their homes. Orders are received through mail or by telephone. While such merchants are reviewed with a bit more scrutiny, in most cases an approval can be secured for legal business types.


eCommerce Merchants are those where instead of, or in addition to, a brick & mortar location, goods and services are marketed online, most often through an ecommerce-enabled website. Given our extensive partner network, we have a solution for almost any merchant need.


An mCommerce merchant is similar to an eCommerce merchant, with the exception that mCommerce merchants are focused on selling on mobile devices, whether it be exclusively mobile, or in conjunction with an eCommerce website.


Petroleum and Convenience Store (C-Store) merchants have unique needs. We have the right mix of hardware, knowledge, and services to assist you with maximizing savings, while allowing you to meet the needs of your customer base.


Salon professionals have unique needs, and we understand the different structures in which different locations operate. We offer flexible solutions that are able to grow and adapt with you as your needs change.

High Risk

If you have experienced any difficulty in getting approved for a Merchant Account, it could be that you are considered to be a "high-risk" merchant. While in some cases your personal credit history may play a part, in most cases it is due to a combination of your product type, sales method, and company policies.


Seasonal merchants may or may not be open year round, but in general, the bulk of their business is done within a certain time frame. Depending on the duration of your business season, you may have special needs that need to be considered.